Thank you for considering me when on your search for a Makeup Artist for your weddings, photo shoots, and other event bookings in the coming months… Unfortunately I am NOT currently accepting appointments at this time. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. I will give an official announcement and answer back all inquiries once I am completely ready to open back up for business… I am doing what I can in the meantime to maintain my health and prepare for opening back up as safely as possible to serve you and your needs.

Thank you for understanding. 💕

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The “aud” Makeup Artist, Audrey Avirett, is based in Upstate New York, but is willing to travel just about anywhere her Services are requested. Her journey as a Makeup Enthusiast began at the age of 13 in the small town of Alabama called Sylvania. Ever since she was in Middle School, she has had a burning passion for Makeup Artistry. She has always tried the untried, and found the enhancement properties of makeup to be very exciting. She finds inspiration for her creations in the World around us. Her goal is to inspire everyone around her to be the best version of themselves they can be through her makeup artistry and positivity. This passion has only grown with age… Her work has graced quite a few magazines (including multiple covers and spread features), films, theatre productions, commercials, advertisements, and the faces of celebrities worldwide! She is beyond excited to be able to share her passion and over 10 years of experience with the world!

GOAL: Spread peace and optimism while painting faces and staining hearts with LOVE.

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  1. Hey Audrey,
    My name is Crystal Miller (Wagner). I’m also from Sylvania. I moved back here a few years ago after living in the guntersville area for nearly 20 years.
    If you ever need someone to practice something new on, I will be happy to volunteer. I also could use some tips on looking a little younger also. The big 50 is creeping up on me very quickly. 😵


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