It’s your BIG day, and you have A MILLION AND ONE things worrying you… Makeup doesn’t have to be one of them! Contact me so I can help relieve some stress and pamper you like the queen that you are on your glorious day! (I can also help you with your bridesmaids, friends, and family. Just let me know how many ahead of time so we can plan accordingly!)

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You may not be a Bride… You may not even be a Bridesmaid… You may just wanna look fabulous on “THE big day”……on YOUR moment to shine. Look no further! I understand the complexities of Makeup and the “dos and don’ts” within this world. I would love to help you and educate you while we prepare you for “THE big day”.
*The “big day” doesn’t just refer to your wedding day… Prom is also a BIG deal! Let me beat that face for you so it can last all night long and withstand your fun filled night of dancing and friends. (Make sure you reach out in advance because Prom Spots fill up FAST!)

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