Editorial – Magazine/Promotional/Etc.

Are you a Photographer/Videographer that isn’t well versed in the World of Makeup? Are you a Model that is interested in being published in a Magazine or featured in a Commercial, but just uncertain of what it takes or how to do it? Do you have an artistic vision in your mind that you want to physically see, but can’t quite do the work by yourself? Well, look no further…

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I understand the complexities of Makeup and what combinations of ingredients are best AND worst in front of the camera… I not only offer to do Makeup for your Photoshoot/Video, but I also offer to accompany you and the rest of your team until my Services are no longer required. I am open to suggestions and I LOVE “different”… I would be more than happy to help bring your dream to life! If you think I can help you do that, contact me with your ideas for a possible Collaboration.

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