Face Painting – Events/Parties/Etc.

Face Painting is a very fun activity for parties! The kids LOVE it, but parents are always worried about the mess and frustration… That’s where I come in! Give me a call, and I can make sure we keep it clean AND safe. I’ll go over the necessary precautions your little ones should take with paint on their faces, and we will also go over proper care and removal. 

Face Painting is fun for parties, but it is also a more creative way to interact with the Community! I have made several appearances and partnered up with a few local businesses in the surrounding area (Macy’s at Eastview Mall and BJ’s Wholesale at Hang around Victor Day, to name a few) to help draw a bigger crowd. I would LOVE to help you and your Company gain business! Feel free to contact me if this seems like something you would also be interested in doing.

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