Fashion – Runway

Are you a Designer looking for a versatile Makeup Artist that’s fast but efficient? Maybe you’re in need of an Artist to help bring imagination and life to your looks on the Runway with Makeup…? Or maybe you are an event coordinator in need of someone to lead/add to your Production Team… Well, look no further! My extensive experience with various types of photographers, lighting, environments, etc. has prepared me to be the perfect addition to your team as a Makeup Artist.

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Understanding proper techniques and ingredients/formulas for certain situations, skin types, and genders is vital for the Backstage work required at any Fashion Show. Having knowledge and experience both on and off the Runway has prepared me for the chaos that can be found Backstage. It is my goal to be as fast, accurate, sanitary, and safe as possible to control the chaos. I am more than prepared to help others (if needed), and I am known to be able to flawlessly finish 10 models within a 2 hour period of time with little to no assistance. Contact me today if you are interested in adding me to your team!

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