Fashion – Look Book

Are you a Designer looking to add some variety to your Look Book on your Website and Social Media pages? Maybe you’re in need of an Artist to help bring imagination and life to your looks with Makeup… Well, look no further! My extensive experience with various types of photographers, lighting, environments, etc. has prepared me to be the perfect addition to your team as a Makeup Artist.

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Understanding proper techniques and ingredients/formulas for certain situations and environments is vital as an Artist. Having knowledge and experience with model posing is also helpful, and I am willing to stick around and coach and/or do touch-ups and different looks as needed for Photo Shoots. It is my goal to be as fast, accurate, sanitary, and safe as possible. I am also experienced with and more than prepared for work in extreme weather conditions including rain, snow, and extreme heat. Contact me today if you are interested in adding me to your team!

(Make sure to check out my latest Commercial Makeup for Xstravagance Designs.)

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