AMA Interviewed by Southern Style Magazine

I have been given the opportunity by Southern Style Magazine to be featured in their continuously growing and expanding International Magazine. I was contacted directly by the Editor-in-Chief (located in Texas) asking to interview me. I was at first in shock, but of course absolutely honored for the opportunity. I have done Publication work in the past for others, but there is just something so fulfilling and so humbling about being personally interviewed and featured on such a platform. With that being said, CLICK HERE to buy your copy TODAY! (Make sure to give the mentioned pages a “like” and follow on Facebook.)

AMA Logo _ Alicia Cooper

I’m so grateful to have such amazing and supportive friends and family. ❤ I wouldn’t be where I am today without ALL of you… Thank you for supporting me and my dreams for myself and my family.

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⬇Team Credit⬇

Photographers: Yuriy Nutsa, Frank White, and Lindsey Alicia Banks, L A Banks Photography

Clothing Designer: Naomi Smith, Xstravagance Designs

Jewelry Designers: Lady Sigyn Designs and Pendulous Threads UK

Models: Melodie Roehrig, Tyler Aser, Kasandra Whitney, and Cassy Leigh, Cassy Wahl – Model

Assistants: Susan Katz Aser, Ellin Wahl Vogel, and Lauren Leverton

Thank you ALL for being so lovely and talented.



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