AMA Interviewed by Southern Style Magazine

I have been given the opportunity by Southern Style Magazine to be featured in their continuously growing and expanding International Magazine. I was contacted directly by the Editor-in-Chief (located in Texas) asking to interview me. I was at first in shock, but of course absolutely honored for the opportunity. I have done Publication work in the past for others, but there is just something so fulfilling and so humbling about being personally interviewed and featured on such a platform. With that being said, CLICK HERE to buy your copy TODAY! (Make sure to give the mentioned pages a “like” and follow on Facebook.)

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I’m so grateful to have such amazing and supportive friends and family. ❤ I wouldn’t be where I am today without ALL of you… Thank you for supporting me and my dreams for myself and my family.

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⬇Team Credit⬇

Photographers: Yuriy Nutsa, Frank White, and Lindsey Alicia Banks, L A Banks Photography

Clothing Designer: Naomi Smith, Xstravagance Designs

Jewelry Designers: Lady Sigyn Designs and Pendulous Threads UK

Models: Melodie Roehrig, Tyler Aser, Kasandra Whitney, and Cassy Leigh, Cassy Wahl – Model

Assistants: Susan Katz Aser, Ellin Wahl Vogel, and Lauren Leverton

Thank you ALL for being so lovely and talented.

Aud Makeup Talk – Kit and Prep Tips

Let’s face it… Most people that own Makeup offer to do Makeup for friends and family (simply because it is usually cheaper, easier, and theoretically more fun than hiring a Makeup Artist). I just want to start by saying there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that! BUT, I do feel the need to caution you and share some tips about your Kit to help better your experience (and theirs). I’ll refer to your friends/family as “Clients” to help make this easier. Giving Clients the best Service requires keeping them safe and giving them a positive experience. Sincerely listening to their wants/needs and meeting those wants/needs is THE most important part of your Service to them. After all, you are doing it for THEM and not for you. (Don’t FORCE your opinions about what you think looks good on them.)
Now, let’s talk about Cleanliness… A HUGE deal when it comes to Makeup. Probably THE biggest deal, realistically. (After all, we only have one face… We should take care of the skin underneath all that Makeup. Granted, a lot of the care is based around Skincare Routines…..But that is a WHOLE other topic for a different day.) Bacteria and other microorganisms LOVE to hang out with unsuspecting victims. When these germs are transferred from Client to Client or from your Brush to your Products, the effects can be harmful and epidemic. This is called Cross Contamination and it is something that must be AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS! Below is a list of what NOT to do as a Makeup Artist (when working with a Client, especially, but also when it comes to working on your own face). Be diligent about keeping your products, yourself, AND your Clients clean and safe. Your cleanliness is probably the second most important thing to your Clients…the first being they actually enjoy your work. Don’t have them leaving with instant regret.



Ways to Cross Contaminate:

  • Unwashed hands (Your hands come in direct contact with SO MANY germs, don’t touch people with them without washing them!)
  • Dirty Makeup Brushes (Brushes should be washed weekly and ALWAYS before using them on Clients. Using a Brush on your face then using on your Client without washing it is a HUGE NO NO!)
  • Double dipping (touching a Client with a Brush, for example, then putting that Brush into a Cream Product)
  • Working on sick Clients or Clients with Allergies (Ask about illness and allergies BEFORE Application, and refuse Application if anyone even seems sick.)
  • Blowing on Brushes instead of tapping excess Makeup off (No one needs your spit and germs on their face.)
  • Not sharpening Pencils or cleaning Lipsticks before or after each use (Very important… You can give someone an Eye Infection that could possibly even cause Blindness. In and around our lips, you can find Bacteria just lurking around, so it is EXTREMELY important to clean your Lipstick!)
  • Not using Disinfectant Sprays or Alcohol  (I prefer 70% Isopropyl Alcohol because higher percentages dry too fast and don’t properly Sanitize.) on Powder Products after each use
  • Not using proper Disposable Products like Sponges or Lip Gloss/Lipstick/Mascara Wands (You don’t want to use the Applicator from your personal Liquid Lipsticks/Lip Glosses/Mascaras on your own face then also use it on your Clients. You are LITERALLY sharing your germs at that point.)
  • Using expired Makeup (If you are unsure of when Makeup expires, refer to the handy dandy internet for suggested times of Disposal… It’s important to remember that different sites/sources have different suggestions.)
  • Not properly sterilizing Metal Tools (For example, you shouldn’t use tools on your client’s face that you left on your dirty Bathroom Counter.)
  • Not keeping Containers closed when not in use (Leaving them open welcomes in all those pesky germs just floating in the air…)
  • Not keeping soiled Tools or Brushes separate from clean ones (It is VERY important to have TWO separate areas for clean tools and dirty tools. You don’t want germs hopping from tool to tool or get mixed up and dip a brush covered in a Cream Product in one of your Powder products.)
  • Not properly labeling Bottles and Jars (You don’t want to Spray Water on your Client’s face instead of Setting Spray, then ruin all of your hard work.)

*It’s easy to get caught up in the fun of Makeup Application and forget about these things, but it is SO important to be VERY careful when playing with Makeup. Unclean areas/products can be harmful and sometimes deadly.*


RECAP: Be mindful of everything you do… Don’t be nasty! 

Preparing for the Client is just as important as your Cleanliness! You must ensure that your Kit is clean and organized, your Tools are properly sterilized, and you have refilled/replaced anything that needed to be refilled/replaced. When you arrive at the location of the Makeup Job—whether you’re at home/work or someone else’s place of convenience—proper setup is vital for doing your job accurately. Staying organized and keeping your space clean makes everything faster and easier. (I keep Paper Towels in my Kit to lay all of my products and tools on, just make sure I ALWAYS have a clean Surface when working with Clients. I clean and organize my entire Kit every couple of weeks, just to make sure it is tidy and everything is in stock and in place.)

*Top Tips to Remember:

  • Make sure your Client isn’t sick in ANY way and doesn’t have open wounds.
  • Sanitize your Products before/after using them on anyone else.
  • NEVER use your dirty brushes on anyone else… Clean your Brushes every week, so you avoid putting Bacteria on your own face.
  • Avoid Double Dipping in Cream Products – Just scrape out a small amount of each Cream Product that you may use onto a Sterilized Metal Plate that you can properly clean when you are done.
  • Be mindful of the space…if you will be sharing with other Artists – Don’t be a hog!
  • Don’t EVER blow on your brushes or products… You don’t need to share your germs with anyone else.
  • Make SURE your products aren’t expired before offering to use them on someone else…Especially any type of eye Makeup. Eye infections happen too regularly, and in some extreme cases, can cause Blindness.
  • Separate your dirty Brushes and Tools from your clean ones… You don’t want to get mixed up and have an ugly result.


Take notes and share with your friends/family if you find this information helpful. Spread the knowledge and keep Makeup Application fun and safe… Feel free to contact me if you have suggested edits or would like to know more about proper Client Care. ♥

And, most importantly:
Be lovely. BeYOUtiful. Be inspired.



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