The Aud MUA

Who IS the “aud” Makeup Artist?

Me in a Nutshell: Follower of God // Mother of 2 Boys // Engaged to a Racecar Driver // Freelance Makeup Artist // Writer // Copy-Editor // Model // Actress // Pose Coach // Creative Director // Advisor // Momager // Southern by Blood // New Yorker by Fate // Optimistic Ray of Sunshine // Peace Promoter // Self-love Enthusiast
What does Makeup Artistry mean to me?
I have learned over the years that Makeup Artistry isn’t about getting paid the most, getting hired the most, or even working with the “most important” people. Makeup Artistry is about inspiring others and being inspired by others. I love to make people look and feel as beautiful as I see them. As beautiful as their hearts. I like to enhance the outer beauty of my Clients by bringing the inner beauty to life through Makeup Artistry. It isn’t JUST makeup to me… It is ART. Art is more than what can be seen. Art is something that should be felt with the heart.

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Goal: Spread peace and optimism while painting faces and staining hearts with love.